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Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

While some people say traveling solo is boring and hectic, savvy solo travelers confess it is a great experience with lots of self-growth and development opportunities. Nevertheless, choosing the right travel destination for a solo trip is integral to the adventure. The following are some of the best destinations for solo travelers to consider. 


Instead of rushing to the overcrowded popular travel destinations in Central and South America, opt to visit Guatemala. Unlike most of its counterparts, Guatemala is inexpensive and also offers endless natural attractions, ancient features, great weather, and adventures for the solo traveler. It boasts lush jungles, volcanoes, buzzing food markets, and friendly environment to visitors. Activities range from hiking, kayaking, food tasting, sightseeing, rafting to several others. 

New York City, USA 

If you are looking to travel, exploring the pleasures of life in modern cities, New York is one of the best places to begin. Apart from its cluster of iconic modern structures, New York is a multi-cultural destination bursting with art, architecture, food, parks, fun activities and so much more delights to make your solo trip memorable. Every corner of the city is buzzing with sights and sounds that make it quite hard to distinguish day and night. 

Barcelona, Spain 

Although most people say Barcelona is a busy city, it has a lot to make your solo one of a kind. In Barcelona, you will experience both worlds as it has the allure of a modern city, pristine beaches, and ancient treasures to please your eyes. It is also famous for its streams of cafes and restaurants that line up the boulevards, electric nightlife and buzzing food scene. 


This is another great destination for solo travelers looking to escape the ordinary. Thanks to its thick, green expansive rainforests, nature trails, warm weather, and unique cultural attractions, travelers have a lot to experience. The destination is mainly famous for hikes and camping but, there are many other outdoor activities to make your trip worth the while. 

Regardless of your desired travel experience, the destinations discussed above have unique features and attractions to enrich your life in many ways.

Solo Adventure – Useful Tips to Guide You

Travelling solo is brilliant, tempting and also exhausting. It is an eye-opening experience that you can really enjoy. Solo adventure gives you the opportunity to explore the world in total freedom and, at your own pace. In fact, it is one of those experiences that every travel enthusiast should try. When you choose to go on a solo adventure, below are useful tips to help you make the trip worthwhile.

Be Confident and Cheer Up!

While on a solo adventure, you only got yourself to rely on most of the times. So, step up your confidence and stay positive. It is normal to feel lonely and scared sometimes but, that should not discourage you from experiencing the delights of the trip. With confidence and a broad smile, you can find the trip so exciting and even end up with a companion.

Take Time to Explore

Considering there is no one to make plans for you or tell you what to do, there is no reason to be in a rush. Instead, use the opportunity to see, do and enjoy as much as you can from the area. Open your mind to new experiences and get the most from every moment spent there. However, always stay on the lookout.

Stay in Touch

Even if you get a companion at your travel destination, always have your phone on. The phone and travel documents are your only contact with the outside world so, never leave them behind. Remember to update your friends and family about the progress of the trip so they know you are safe. In case you lose your phone or travel documents along the way, get a replacement as fast as possible for convenience.

Know Your Limits

Whenever you are travelling alone, do not overindulge. Whether you are out partying, drinking or engaging in other social activities, do it in moderation and proceed with caution. You should also be ready to get off in case things seem to go wrong.

Generally, solo adventures are awesome and can be quite thrilling. But, you should always keep in mind the above tips in order to get the desired experience.

Resources to Help You Visit More Travel Destinations

Indeed, there are a million plus travel destinations across the world that you can visit. While some destinations are quite popular, there are also some not known to many. And, Art from GT Roofing San Antonio says these little known travel destinations are usually the most exciting. If you want to travel more, there are many resources online to use in discovering great travel destinations. Some of the best resources that can inspire you to visit more travel destinations across the world include.  

Nomadic Matt

This is one of the platforms that you should head to for comprehensive travel guides. In fact, they have a dedicated travel guides section with up to date information about major travel destinations all over the world. On the site, you can search various travel destinations, accommodation facilities, activities and, also get tips on how to save money during trips.

Discover the World

Having been in the industry for over 35 years, Discover the World is a key player that can also help you find the best travel destinations and deals for a remarkable trip. Besides featuring a collection of travel destinations, they also have experts to assist you in planning a personalized excursion.

The Globetrotting Teacher

The Globetrotting Teacher is also a convenient platform for ideas and recommendations for travel destinations. The site features a comprehensive guide showcasing unique travel destinations in North, South and Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. Here, you will also find useful travel tips shared by seasoned travelers.

Travel and Destinations

Travel and Destinations is a blog that seeks to help travelers ensure remarkable trips. Although it only showcases travel destinations in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia, it can still inspire your travels in many ways. On the blog, you will also get travel tips, photography ideas as well as an online shop for travel items.

By taking time to go through the resources discussed above, you will hardly run out of ideas when it comes to choosing a destination for or planning your next trip.


Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For You

There are many reasons why it is advisable to take at least one trip every year. In fact, those who have travelled a lot can attest that it plays a key role in the overall wellbeing. The following are some of the main reasons why travelling is good for you.

Enhances Creativity

Travelling is an experience that can inspire great creativity. Starting from choosing travel destinations, activities and even planning the whole trip, there is so much that is usually involved in putting together a successful trip. Through all these stages, you will be able to significantly expand your thinking capabilities in order to get the most fulfilling adventure. To some writers and even film makers, traveling is one way to get inspiration for creating outstanding content.

Encourages Social Connections  

Whether you travel locally or internationally, visiting new places offers you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people. Travelling allows you to develop new connections with not only the locals at your destination but, other travelers as well. From this experience, you will not only be able to improve your social life but, also develop mutual relationships.

Broadens Your Perspective

Traveling exposes your mind and body to new experiences and cultures that you may not otherwise have discovered in your comfort zone. When travelling, you will be able to realize that there are many sides to life and things are not always as they seem. Excursions will teach you how to adapt to different situations in life, thereby transforming your view. In fact, even just watching how other cultures respond to different situations can challenge you to experiencing alternatives of being.

Besides the above reasons, travelling can also go a long way in stress relief and boosting your mental health. Introducing yourself to new environments and experiences can significantly rejuvenate the body and mind, leaving you in great spirits to conquer the world.


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