Three Places with High Human Travel Restrictions

You’ve seen countless pictures of people traveling to exotic destinations. However, some places on this planet have high human travel restrictions. Some of these destinations have permanent closure, meaning nobody can visit them. Here are the top three areas with strict human travel restrictions.

  1. Area 51, USA

Conspiracy theories surround Area 51 in Southern Nevada. Most people know it as a US military base with a reputation as a testing ground for aircraft and weapons. However, a lot of speculations surround it. Some people argue that US officials hide alien evidence at this location. It’s entirely off-limit for the locals and visitors. Even the country’s officials barely acknowledge its existence.

  1. Snake Island, Brazil

This destination has many deadly snakes that hinder human visits. Many people consider it the most forbidden travel destination globally. Due to the dangers, the snakes pose to humans, the government has made traveling to this island illegal. Experts estimate the number of golden lanceheads to be around 4,000 on the island. Golden lanceheads are the deadliest serpents on Earth.

  1. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Japan is famous for its unique shrines and culture. This country has about 80,000 shrines, with Ise Grand Shrine as its most important. This shrine is among the most expensive temples in the country, with unique architectural grandeur. The country rebuilds this shrine every two decades to maintain its Shinto traditions. The reconstruction costs a million-dollar price. Only royal family members enter this ancient Japanese shrine with hallowed halls.

Technological advancements have made humans learn about almost every location on Earth. However, some places have mysteries and dangers that hinder humans from visiting them. But knowing about these locations prompts more people to see them. Nevertheless, understanding the risks and reasons for restricting travel to these places is vital. Ensure you research your travel destinations carefully to ensure your safety when touring any place on Earth.